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  • Advocating for smart and responsible growth, limiting sprawl, and protecting the natural environment for future generations, I intend to preserve our values and way of life

  • Provide financial incentive to build new green-certified, energy efficient buildings, as well as to retrofit older buildings in order to decrease the significant contributions buildings make to hazardous air quality

  • Promote smart, responsible spending and stewardship of your hard earned tax dollars

  • Working together to promote common goals through shared stewardship and agency for the success of our community

  • Reduce policies that promote government overreach and empower city and municipality government to lead their communities

  • Ensure that all Wasatch Back residents have access to high-quality, affordable health care, improving ability to live full, productive lives and maximize individual potential for happiness and dignity

  • Seek funding for mental health counselors in public schools and improve mental health care resources for rural Utah students

  • Seek prevention of new addictions to opioids by closing prescribing loop holes and improving provider-patient communications to minimize over-prescribing

  • Provide robust treatment and recovery resources for patients struggling with addiction

  • Improve protection and advocacy for Utahns with disabilities

  • We have to educate and empower our future, provide vocational training and empower continuing education for our youth

  • We each have a responsibility to help all reach self-reliance. Honest pay for an honest day’s work creates a strong economy, enabling self-reliant families

  • Better advocate and support our teachers by fighting for living wage salaries and providing tools and supplies necessary for student success.

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